The Snake of Eden Vol. 16 (Sexy Beats Series III)

This one includes 18 remixes/originals covering a variety of genres including zouk, kizomba, bachata and cha cha!


It is available for purchase now @ AUD $12.



Tracklist in order of appearance:
1. Despacito
2. Trumpets
3. Bobbel
4. Run Up
5. Take Her
(Zoukable mashups)
6. Troy Boi vs. Gorillaz
7. Bun up the Dance
(Kizomba & Kizouky)
8. The Snake of Eden (original)
9. Lady of the night (original)
10. Nightlife
11. Shape of you
12. Cold Water
13. Pretty Girls
14. Trio No. 2 in e Minor
15. Perfect Strangers
16. This Girl
17. Bad and Boujee x Bounce Back
(Cha Cha)
18. The Mating Game

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