Ruminations Vol. 40 (Series X)

Ruminations Vol. 40 (Series X)


Includes 29 tracks and is available for purchase now @ AUD $30.


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Kills You Slowly (Edit)
Fe No Pai (Re-Work)
Faded (Re-Work)
Purple Grass (Edit)
Twilight (Original)
Let Me Down Slowly (Edit)
Heart Shaped Box (Remix)
Ruminations (Original)
Someone You Loved (Edit)
Dark Lounge Zouk (Original)
Tears (Edit)
Do It (Edit)
Twisted (Remix)
Party Girl (Original)
Walls (Remix)
Todas Elas (Re-Work)
I Love You 3000 (Edit)
Ooh Girl (Afrobeats) (Remix)
Already (Edit)
Handcuffs (Edit)
Talk (Re-Work)
Fuga Nas Cunhadas X Resposta Pros Recalcados (Mashup)
Lips On You (Edit)
Seven Nation Army X Sexy Back (Mashup)
Balkan Bump X Clozee (Remix)
Love Someone (Edit)
Oriental Tales (Edit)
Seven Nation Army X Sexy Back (House) (Mashup)


Album also includes In the Candy Shop – Spring Party Mixtape 2019



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