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Stargazing Volume 24 (Sexy Beats Series V)

Stargazing Volume 24 (Sexy Beats Series V)

The album includes 15 tracks for zouk, kizomba and bachata and is available for purchase now @ AUD $11.
Listen to the previews before you buy on Zouk My World Radio!



Track list in order of appearance:


1. Stargazing (All Stars)
2. Sexy Gal
3. Tip Toe
4. Get Free
5. Bermuda
6. High Highs to Low Lows
7. Listen
8. Ghetto on the Flute (Kizomba)
9. Under Cover of Darkness
10. All Night Long (Kizomba)
11. How Long (Bachata)
12. If You’re Hearing This (Bachata)
13. Havana (Nitsuga) (Zouk)
14. Havana (Emma Heesters x Ukelele Covers) (Bachata)
15. Havana (Cha Cha)
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